teachersknowbest.orgI lead the visual design and art direction of this project for The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The outcome of a years-long study with thousands of teachers and students about how they use technology in the classroom—essentially, what works and what doesn't.

brewster.comI lead the design of this Union Square Ventures-backed startup. A mobile app to help keep people in contact with everyone they know. With a robust search you could find all the folks you know that work at a specific company, live in a particular city or went to a certain school. The app would pay attention to your patterns of communication. Noting, for instance, if you emailed with a friend every few weeks and hadn't done so in a while. It would surface that information so you could reach out.

mountainworkshops.orgOver a few days, a small crew of us redesigned the Mountain Workshops website, a documentary project that's chronicled Kentucky for 40 years. I lead the visual design and frontend development.

hastebin.comA clean, totally open source way to share code snippets. It's styled to look like a vim editor so it feels comfortable and native. All the chrome is pulled away to reveal just what's necessary. That means it'll detect the language and handle the syntax highlighting to make the code snippet highly legible. You can quickly share with just a click.

ebolainliberia.orgAt the height of the largest Ebola outbreak, in terms of cases and deaths, since the discovery of the virus in the mid-70s, I worked with a small team of volunteers from across the US to design a sort-of visual dashboard of Liberian public health data. The project, at one point, was used to brief the president of Liberia.

http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2015/...I took sweeping panoramas of razed landmarks in Kathmandu, days after a magnitude-7.8 earthquake destroyed more than half a million homes. Created in collaboration with the graphics team at The New York Times, who produced the interactive.